Need a Baby Boy Rashie, Swimwear, or Swimsuit and Trendy Bathing Suits for Your Infant or Toddler?

Nothing says family fun like an all-day outing at the beach or the pool with your little boy. Playing in the sand and the surf enjoying all the wonders the shore has to offer, splashing about in the pool or water park are wonderful ways …read more.

Your Baby Girl Needs Sun Protection - Choose a Rash Guard Swimsuit or Pick from Our Baby Girl Rash Guard Swimwear Line

Children love to play outside in the summertime. With long, sunny days ahead, your little ones will have fun frolicking by the seashore or splashing in the pool. Little baby girls have such sweet and tender skin and need protection from …read more.

Baby One Piece Swimsuit Options that Are More than Just Cute

There is so much cuteness in the world of baby swimwear that it’s easy to forget about everything else when your baby needs a swimsuit. At Little Kids Cove, we have a wide selection of adorable styles in baby swimwear that are also …read more.

Spoil your Baby with a Tested Infant Swimsuit, One-Piece Baby Rash Guard Swimwear or Rashie Suit

Discerning parents concerned with ensuring the swim clothes purchased for your babies look and feel good, are durable, made with all-natural materials, and come in a wide variety of appealing style choices will find everything they’re looking …read more.

Protect Your Baby with Infant Swim Trunks and Pants

Your baby’s first experience at the pool or on the beach is an exciting moment for both you and your child. It’s important to remember that a baby’s skin is more delicate and prone to sun damage. While having so much fun, however, it can be …read more.

Protect your child’s skin with a Baby UV Suit

Families love a beach holiday. A beach trip or other family event requires planning, preparation and a lot of patience. It is usually up to mum to ensure the essential items are not forgotten. It is also important to get a baby UV suit that …read more.

Ergopouch Makes Swaddling Easy with Sleep Cocoons, Bags, and Suits

Wrapping infants up in snug blankets, swaddling, keeps the new-born warm and eases anxiety by simulating the security of the womb. Parenting classes and prenatal care services alike will teach expecting parents how to swaddle their …read more.

Long Sleeve Baby Swimwear, Hats and Everything Your Baby Needs for the Beach

When looking for swimwear for your little one, you want items that are practical, comfortable and cute of course. When taking your baby to the pool or the ocean, it is important to remember that babies have very sensitive skin that …read more.

What is a Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag?

Merino wool is derived from the Merino sheep and is famous for its shine, softness, and breathability. The fibres of this wool are finer, softer, and more sensitive than many other fabrics making it ideal for infant and toddler …read more.

Rest Peacefully with Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Suits and Bags from Australia

Swaddling is the practice of snuggly wrapping your infant in blankets so that only the head is visible and free to move. The pressure provides security similar to being in the womb while the blankets help keep the infant warm. Parents are …read more.

Want a Sweet Baby or Toddler Bikini? How About Charming Swimsuits? Little Cove Kids Has it All

Holidays at the seashore are a fun way for the family to share precious moments with their children. Watching your baby take their first steps into the water is a cherished memory that will last a lifetime. Floating in a warm swimming pool with …read more.

Bento-Style Compartment Lunch Boxes for Kids and Toddlers

As parents, our minds jump from one responsibility to another. There isn’t much time to think about tedious tasks such as packing lunch, yet without healthy nutrition, we fail to fortify our children’s diets and set them up for health …read more.

Little Kids Cove Delivers Little Girls’ Swimwear and Swimsuits Throughout Australia

Little Kids Cove is owned and operated by a mum who has dedicated herself to offering parents products she would use with her own kids. The store is strictly online and can deliver throughout Australia. We value our customers and want you …read more.

Toddler Girl Swimwear, Swimsuits, and Bathing Suits Throughout Australia with Little Kids Cove

Little Kids Cove loves to provide parents with natural and unique products from clothing to school gear to home accessories and more. One of the types of products we offer is a vast array of swimwear because we know our fellow families in …read more.

Make the Most of the “Liquid Sunshine” with Infant Rainwear or a Baby Girl or Boy Raincoat

Feeling cooped up? There’s no reason to stay stuck indoors when the weather is wet. The rainy season may have arrived, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop venturing outside with your little one. Babies love walks, and walks in the rain …read more.

Newborn, Infant and Baby Girl Swimsuits and Swimwear from Little Kids Cove

Little Kids Cove has researched and tested the quality products we offer to parents and kids. Our clothing, toys, and home accessories are from all around the world and brought together in one online shop for those parents who want natural …read more.

Little Kids Cove Offers Newborn and Baby Swimwear, Swimsuits, and Bathing Suits

Little Kids Cove is an online store geared towards offering quality products for parents and kids. We have toddler pyjamas, newborn swimsuits, toys and more which we carefully choose for our store. We are parents ourselves and have …read more.

Find a Toddler Boy or Girl Raincoat and Rain Gear Sets at Little Kids Cove

Do you have a toddler who balks at wearing their rain gear? Kids can be stubborn, but at Little Kids Cove, we love offering great-looking, fun rain gear for boys and girls that they’ll be excited to put on. Wouldn’t it be great if your …read more.