Make the Most of the “Liquid Sunshine” with Infant Rainwear or a Baby Girl or Boy Raincoat

Feeling cooped up? There’s no reason to stay stuck indoors when the weather is wet. The rainy season may have arrived, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop venturing outside with your little one. Babies love walks, and walks in the rain offer even more adventure, with new sights and sounds to delight and entertain them. Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you can still spend time outdoors in the rain.

Keeping warm

Babies can quickly become chilly in damp weather, so make sure their skin is covered with warm clothing. If the weather is wet but warm, there’s no need to use heavy clothing if there’s a waterproof layer on the outside. It’s also a good idea to pack a change of clothes in case the weather changes suddenly, or your baby ends up soaked.

Keeping dry

Whether your baby is riding in a pram, a sling, or your arms, she’ll need something waterproof to keep chilly rain from soaking her clothes. Baby rainwear from Little Kids Cove is a great choice to keep your baby looking great and feeling comfy. Carry an umbrella big enough to cover both of you or go hands-free with a baby boy raincoat or baby girl raincoat in a bright, fun print. Add gumboots to keep your baby’s feet extra warm and dry, and then you can let them “jump” in puddles while you hold their little hands.

Making it fun

Make your rainy-day adventure memorable by telling your infant about the weather and what you can see that’s different from what you see on sunny days. Listen to the sound of the raindrops, show her flower petals or leaves up close with water droplets rolling off them, and let your baby feel the wet wind on her hands or face. Sing funny songs about the rain and dance in the puddles. Collect rainwater in a bucket or look for a rainbow – if you make it a super fun, exciting time, your baby will most likely love it.

Don’t overdo it

If there’s thunder or lightning, it’s time to head inside. Also, be mindful – it’s easy to slip on wet pavement or leaves, so walk carefully. When you do go back indoors, remove wet clothing immediately and change your baby into dry clothes to keep them comfortable.

Find a baby raincoat at Little Kids Cove

At Little Kids Cove, we love babies and toddlers – and we love making the world an even more magical place for them. Choose an infant raincoat, umbrella, or pair of gumboots for your little girl or boy and open a whole new world for them – one where there’s no need to stay inside on a rainy day. We offer a range of colourful, high-quality rain gear to keep little ones warm and dry when the weather isn’t. Who needs the sun to have fun? Contact Little Kids Cove today to learn more about our rainwear for kids.