Go Green

Go Green bento lunch box are light, leak proof and durable. Available in 2 sizes, 4 colours and multiple bag designs.

Go Green is one of the leading lunchbox brands on the market.  With it's durability and turn 'n lock technology, it is unique in the marketplace.

Each Go Green Lunch Box set comes with an insulated lunch bag, a five-compartment lunch box and 8oz drink bottle that will hold your child’s favorite drink.  With each set you will receive a FREE Ice Pack, note this Ice Pack is not enough to keep lunch cool all day in Australia you will need to add an additional ice pack of some kind.  Our most popular ice pack to accompany the Go Green Ice Pack is the Medium Fridge to Go Panel, these 2 ice packs work great together in most warm climates throughout Australia (we are in North Qld and it works well here).


Go Green Medium Lunch Box - Pink
Go Green Original Lunch Bento Lunch Box Set - Sea Horses