Ergopouch Makes Swaddling Easy with Sleep Cocoons, Bags, and Suits

Wrapping infants up in snug blankets, swaddling, keeps the new-born warm and eases anxiety by simulating the security of the womb. Parenting classes and prenatal care services alike will teach expecting parents how to swaddle their newborns to avoid inefficiencies or choking hazards properly. ErgoPouch has made it easy to keep your new-born safe during sleep periods with the easy-to-use ergococoon swaddle. Instead of blankets that must be unwrapped at each changing and loosen over time, the ergococoon swaddle sleep bag is one solid piece that zips up the front for easy access. Made of high-quality natural materials, ErgoPouch creates a cocoon for mild, moderate, and severe temperatures. Once your bundle of joy can roll over, however, it’s time to upgrade the ergo cacoon sleeping bag to the ErgoPouch sleeping bag or suit which allows arm mobility. We have all your premium-quality favourites from ErgoPouch at Little Kids Cove.

The Little Kids Cove of Difference

Established by a busy mum, Little Kids Cove was founded on a passion for quality products for children and mothers. Money is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on lacklustre items that don’t live up to their promises. We search the globe looking for practical yet unique items and personally quality test them before adding them to our inventory. Subsequently, we offer an international flare at domestic rates with a level of quality assurance that makes items from Little Kids Cove excellent gifts. We’ve created a single-source digital hub for these pieces where you can browse intuitively with our easy-to-navigate search-by-category platform. Do email or call with any questions about products, experiences, or order processing. Shipping is expedient and free on all orders over $150. Become a member and receive 10% on purchase and be sure to follow us on Instagram @LittleKidsCove for the cutest arrivals and to find out when that ergopouch sleeping bag you’ve been eyeing goes on sale.

Warmth, Safety, and Rest with Ergopouch Sleeping Bag

As cute as babies look in the cocoon, their mobility is dangerously restricted once they can roll over and swaddling ends – often abruptly. ErgoPouch sleeping bags and suits provide a smooth transition between passive and potentially active sleep periods. When babies are suddenly switched from swaddling to crib sleep, their exposed skin can activate their startle reflex and wake them up. This cycle makes for a long transition of sleepless nights. Regular crib blankets can get pushed aside as they change positions leaving them exposed and cold. Worse, the blankets can become tangled causing a choking hazard. The ergopouch sleep suit and sleeping bags skip the danger while providing a sense of familiar security that will help your baby sleep. These suits allow free movement of the arms so they can still explore their environment. Sleeping bags are designed for children up to 2 years, and access remains in the front for easy changing. Made of high-quality fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, and merino wool, there’s a wearable sleeping blanket for any temperature range.