L'il Fraser Collection

Dedicated to quality and excellence, L’il Fraser has paved its way as the go-to brand for baby swaddles and cot sets. All of our products here at L’il Fraser have been designed to address the needs of parenthood because we understand that you only want what’s best for your baby. As a proudly owned Australian company with all products designed in Sydney, many new and experienced mothers recommend our brand to those who want to create a comfortable, nurturing and attractive environment for their baby.

Renowned for its nursery style, the L’il Fraser Collection has been designed to accommodate babies of all shapes and sizes. We offer a stylish range of baby sheets, swaddles and cot sets made from pure cotton. After all, decorating your nursery is undoubtedly one of the rewarding tasks of being a parent. So why not let your creativity flow, and ensure that each product you choose during this exciting time is crafted from the highest quality material?

From swaddle wraps to toy comforters and cot sheets, their products are available in an array of colours and designs. 

L'il Fraser Baby Swaddle Wrap - Indiana
L'il Fraser Baby Swaddle Wrap - Jamie
L'il Fraser Baby Swaddle Wrap - Jessie
L'il Fraser Baby Swaddle Wrap - Oscar
L'il Fraser Baby Swaddle Wrap - Sammy
L'il Fraser Collection Fitted Sheet - Navy Polkadots