Little Kids Cove Delivers Little Girls’ Swimwear and Swimsuits Throughout Australia

Little Kids Cove is owned and operated by a mum who has dedicated herself to offering parents products she would use with her own kids. The store is strictly online and can deliver throughout Australia. We value our customers and want you to continue to come back to us as your child grows, so we provide outstanding customer service and free shipping on orders over $150. We have unique clothing, toys, and products for children’s needs including little girl swimsuits and accessories.

Girls’ Swimwear in AU

In Australia, we love our sun and fun which is why we offer great girls’ swimwear. Our stock includes traditional swimsuits with a variety of designs and patterns, but we also have girls’ swimwear with extra sun protection as well. For example, you can create a little girl’s swimwear by mixing and matching our bikini bottoms with a rash vest. A rash vest is a long or short sleeve shirt designed to protect against the sun and to protect sensitive skin from developing rashes.

No swimsuit would be complete without a swim hat or a hooded towel to wrap up in after being in the water. If you have a very little girl who needs swimwear considering purchasing a pair of aqua nappies. You can view all our girls’ swimwear to find the style and size that is right for your daughter’s needs.

Home Pool Safety

Once you’re looking cute in your swimsuit it’s time to hit the pool. Parents are great at keeping an eye on their children around the pool, so we want to give a few pool safety reminders after you’ve gone back inside. Firstly, backyard pools should be enclosed by a fence with a self-closing and latching child-proof gate.

Secondly, be sure to keep pool toys and floats picked up and stored away when not in use. Visible toys may entice your child to go near the pool when you are unaware. Also floats tend to be large and could obstruct your view of a child near the pool edge or in the water.

You can purchase a pool alarm that will alert you to someone falling in the pool. If you do have a pool alarm steady your nerves for some false warnings because strong winds or toys blowing in can create waves large enough to set it off.

Bring your phone with you whenever you are outside with your child even if you aren’t using the pool. You don’t want to feel the need to run back into the house to quickly answer the phone. Pools can provide years of enjoyment and family bonding as your children grow and we hope you find our tips to be useful.

We hope you enjoy our girls’ swimwear and find all our products to be beneficial. We are here to help you nurture your children through all stages of development so if you have any questions about our products or shipping in AU just contact Little Kids Cove.