Little Kids Cove Offers Newborn and Baby Swimwear, Swimsuits, and Bathing Suits

Little Kids Cove is an online store geared towards offering quality products for parents and kids. We have toddler pyjamas, newborn swimsuits, toys and more which we carefully choose for our store. We are parents ourselves and have personally used many of the products we offer including our newborn and baby swimwear. However, before we talk about our bathing suits, we want to share a few water safety tips.

Water Safety on Holiday

Children naturally love to play in the water from an early age and family holidays often take place at the beach or by the poolside which is why we offer newborn and baby swimwear. However, parents must be extra vigilant when their children are around water therefore we want to share some tips about water safety.

Firstly, investigate infant and child CPR classes in your community because such classes are valuable in a variety of situations beyond water safety. For example, most classes teach anti choking techniques and first aid. Even if you take one class and never get recertified again, you will always take your knowledge with you, so you are ready to help anyone at any time.

Secondly, even if you had CPR training, it is best to use swimming areas that have lifeguards on duty. They are specially trained and certified to handle many water situations, and they carry rescue equipment to help them manage emergencies.

Another tip is to be careful not to let the baby’s face dip under the water. Most babies will naturally hold their breath underwater, but they also tend to drink the water. The water could have bacteria and viruses in it which could lead to the baby vomiting or having diarrhoea.

Our tips certainly aren’t meant to be a comprehensive water safety guide but just reminders from one parent to another. We want you to enjoy your holiday and playing with your baby in the water which is why we stock quality newborn bathing suits.

Newborn and Baby Swimwear

One useful piece of newborn swimwear is the aqua nappy. Babies wear nappies night and day, and it shouldn’t be any different when playing in the water. However, if your child has gotten into the water with a disposable nappy, you know what happens. Water swells it to an abnormally large size, and it becomes heavy and sags off, and sometimes it breaks open and leaks absorbent material all over the baby’s bottom.

Our aqua nappies keep surprises from floating by, and they don’t swell like disposables. They are washable and reusable so a much better environmental alternative to disposable newborn swimwear. You can look through our aqua nappies for different colours and sizes. We also have a variety of cute newborn bathing suits that can go right over the aqua nappy.

If you have any questions about our newborn bathing suits or need help placing an order just ask us at Little Kids Cove. We stand by our products and value excellent customer service, so we will be happy to help you choose the right baby swimwear for your child.