Rest Peacefully with Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Suits and Bags from Australia

Swaddling is the practice of snuggly wrapping your infant in blankets so that only the head is visible and free to move. The pressure provides security similar to being in the womb while the blankets help keep the infant warm. Parents are encouraged to swaddle their newborns in the first days of life as their internal thermostat adjusts to life outside the womb. Increasingly, new parents are turning to traditional child-rearing methods that involve a prolonged period of swaddling, particularly during sleep periods. This efficient method facilitates restful nights for both you and the baby; however once your infant shows signs of autonomous mobility, it’s time to transition them to regular crib sleep. An organic baby sleeping bag serves as the bridge between swaddling and crib sleep. Find the right size, fabric, and print for your little bub at Little Kids Cove.

Baby Sleeping Bags Made in Australia

Baby sleeping bags distributed by Little Kids Cove and made by Australia’s ErgoPouch, offer the warmth and security of swaddling while allowing your baby to move their arms and legs. They make the transition into crib sleeping smoother and safer by acting as a bridge between the restrictive protection of cocoon swaddling and the sometimes anxiety-producing freedom of crib sleep. Babies, already known for not sleeping through the night, often wake themselves up by their own startle response. Startled, they cry seeking reassurance that their mums and dads are nearby and ready to assist. This results in long sleepless nights even though your baby no longer needs food throughout the night.

Babies just learning how to control their limbs and roll over are still weak and unaware that their positioning could cut off their air supply. This leaves them vulnerable when they are too tired or uncoordinated to roll back over, and blankets can get tangled or become a smothering hazard for infants. A baby sleep suit bag, on the other hand, attaches the warmth-providing fabric to the child which keeps it in place no matter how the child repositions during the night. We’ve found that ErgoPouch has the highest quality bamboo, merino wool, and organic cotton baby sleeping bags suitable for every season. The light, soft, breathable fibres of jersey-style cotton are ideal for warm seasons, while the thicker merino and bamboo blended sleeping bag is perfect for winter months.

Little Kids Cove: A Store Above the Rest

Inspired and created by a mum looking for top-quality items for her son, Little Kids Cove sources worldwide for beautifully designed clothes and housewares for children and mums. We emphasise natural materials such as bamboo, merino wool, and the 100% cotton found in the baby sleeping bag. Don’t waste another hard-earned dollar on sub-standard products that inevitably need replacement. We don’t rely on reviews, trends, or manufacturer sales pitches. Instead, each item is personally quality tested before we offer it to our valued customers. Child rearing is a community effort. Become a member of Little Kids Cove, and you’ll receive 10% off purchases. Follow us on Instagram @LittleKidsCove for updates on new arrivals and unbeatable sales. Orders are processed and shipped quickly, and orders of more than $150 have shipping costs waived.