Find a Toddler Boy or Girl Raincoat and Rain Gear Sets at Little Kids Cove

Do you have a toddler who balks at wearing their rain gear? Kids can be stubborn, but at Little Kids Cove, we love offering great-looking, fun rain gear for boys and girls that they’ll be excited to put on. Wouldn’t it be great if your child had a toddler raincoat or umbrella that they loved so much, they didn’t even want to wait for a rainy day to use it?

Toddler gumboots

What little girl can resist a great pair of gumboots – especially one that keeps their feet warm and dry with colourful stripes, hearts, or winged unicorns on the outside? Or, choose a pair for a boy adorned with something a little more rough-and-tumble such as dinosaurs or tools. Either way, your child will be so excited to wear their new boots that arguments will be a thing of the past. Our boots are both adorable and durable, meaning that your little ducky can splash to their heart’s content without getting their feet wet. They also have pull tabs on the back, making them easy for little hands to pull on.

Toddler boy raincoat or toddler girl raincoat

We offer fun and colourful raincoats to match our gumboots so that your child has a coordinated outfit that looks great and keeps them dry even when it’s pouring out. Each raincoat is high-quality with easy fasteners, and they’re easy to clean, too. We offer a wide range of raincoats for little ones and be warned: it might be difficult to choose just one!

Toddler umbrellas

Complete your toddler’s rainy-day look with a matching umbrella – or mix it up and combine our fun styles with a unique and bold look. Our umbrellas banish the blues on dreary days with fun prints and kid-safe designs. Wooden handles complete the classic look and gets your child ready for a super fun splash session. Even if you’re just taking a walk to the market, this great rain gear will make a splash wherever your child goes. These fabulous umbrellas are affordable enough to buy an extra one as a gift, too.

Toddler rain gear sets

There’s nothing like putting together a coordinated look, so keep your toddler dry and comfy from head to toe with a rain gear set including an umbrella, a raincoat, and a pair of gumboots. Forget rummaging through the cupboard wondering what to put on your child when the weather is stormy – they’ll weather the storm with ease in rain gear sets from Little Kids Cove.

About Little Kids Cove

At Little Kids Cove, we’re parents, too, so we have some insights when it comes to the things that you want for your child – and the things children want for themselves. Our quality products come from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the US, and we pride ourselves on providing each customer with excellent service and fast delivery times. We test and research all our products ourselves to make sure we’re only selling products that we’d buy for our own kids. Need more information? Feel free to contact us here.