Toddler Girl Swimwear, Swimsuits, and Bathing Suits Throughout Australia with Little Kids Cove

Little Kids Cove loves to provide parents with natural and unique products from clothing to school gear to home accessories and more. One of the types of products we offer is a vast array of swimwear because we know our fellow families in Australia enjoy spending time in the water whether it be a lake, ocean, or pool.

Toddler Girl Swimwear in Australia

Our toddler girl swimwear includes strappy and frilly bathing suits with bows and colourful patterns to delight the girliest girl. We also offer a variety of mix and match tops and bottoms to create a swimsuit that is as unique as your little angel.

Our tops consist of long and short sleeve rash vests and sun shirts which give extra protection against harmful UV rays. Our rash vests are made of a material that is delicate on sensitive skin, so rashes are less like to develop as well.

To complete the toddler swimsuit, we have different types of bottoms to complement the tops. We have board or bike shorts and bikini bottoms from which to choose. We understand that toddlers occasionally still have accidents, so you may want to look at our frilly aqua nappies. You can peruse all our toddler girl swimwear and find just the right bathing suit for your daughter.

Helping Your Toddler Feel Comfortable in the Water

Toddlerhood is a great time to teach your child to swim, and we want to give you some ideas to introduce your kid to swimming. Start by sitting with your child on the steps and allow them to play on the steps and encourage them to explore.

After your child is relaxed sitting in the water, you can play a bubble game, so they learn to put their face in the water. You can begin by showing him or her how to put your mouth in the water and make bubbles by exhaling. You can encourage them to try and eventually they will be blowing bubbles with their nose as well. If water gets in their eyes have them use their fingers like windshield wipers to wipe the water out instead of rubbing it in.

As you sit on the steps, you can demonstrate how to flutter kick and encourage your child to try. As they improve, they can flip onto their belly and hold onto the stairs, or you can hold their hands as they practice. Practicing kicking naturally leads to you supporting them as they kick as you move them through the water. As time goes by you can add more steps to move your child closer to independent swimming.

Our goal is for you to enjoy each stage of your child’s development including learning to swim. We appreciate our customers, so we offer free shipping throughout Australia on orders over $150. If you have any questions about our toddler swimwear or any other products, please contact Little Kids Cove, and we’ll be happy to help you.