Bento-Style Compartment Lunch Boxes for Kids and Toddlers

As parents, our minds jump from one responsibility to another. There isn’t much time to think about tedious tasks such as packing lunch, yet without healthy nutrition, we fail to fortify our children’s diets and set them up for health problems including obesity and heart disease later in life. Little Kids Cove offers an extensive line of vibrant, BPA-free, lunch box options for kids and toddlers. Whether you’re looking for a compartmentalised lunch box such as the Bento 5, a thermos compartment for warm foods featured in Omiebox, or the insulated versatility of the Penny Scallan brand, we have the perfect lunch box solution for day-care, school, or a fun-filled day of adventure.

Select a High-Quality Kids Compartment Lunch Box

The Little Lunch Box Co produces kids compartment lunch boxes in the bento style. The Bento 2 is an ideal toddler lunch box because its small size fits small appetites and hands. The kid-friendly latch facilitates easy access while fun, colourful designs create excitement for the treasures stored inside. The Bento 2 has two compartments and comes with one removable divider for added variety. Likewise, the Bento 5 has five pre-set compartments allowing you to keep wet and dry foods separate. The bento lunch box for kids removes the need for individually wrapped items as you can safely place foods directly into the lunch box.

There’s nothing like mum’s warm cooking in the middle of a long school day. Traditional lunch boxes, even the insulated ones, fail to keep foods warm. By lunchtime, what started as piping hot soup is lukewarm at best and reheating is not always an option. Cue Omiebox. This three-compartment lunch box for kids comes with a removable divider and a double-layered stainless-steel thermos bowl. The bowl has a screw-on lid with a handle for easy access while its square top piece fits snug into the sandwich compartment of the box. The lunch box and thermos are leakproof, and the thermos keeps food warm for four hours – just in time for lunch!

Penny Scallan has lunch covered with her extensive line of kids’ lunch boxes. Dazzling and whimsical patterns and designs complimented by classic colours, Penny Scallan lunch boxes match the kid's bento box style, this time with two latches for added protection. Little Kids Cove carries these bento lunch boxes as well as their matching insulated bags. These insulated bags are also sold as separate lunch boxes, ideal for older kids who like more variety, larger portions, or have a drink they’d like to keep cool. For quick bites on the go, Penny Scallan’s insulated snack pouch has a removable lining for easy cleaning.

Find Your Haven at Little Kids Cove

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